"Gail, the training you carried out ... continues to show dividends.

We have a more positive and confident workforce; especially in working with our whanau and community. Your open and inclusive style encouraged our staff to engage in learning ‘How to Handle Difficult Conversations’ within a safe and reassuring environment."

George Reedy, Chief Executive Officer, Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga

Gail's story

When you have a flowerpot thrown at your face and someone tries to stick your head down a toilet, all within 20 minutes - you have two choices! Either run a mile or dig deep. I chose the latter.

I was a student psychiatric nurse in the UK and it was my first day working in a secure unit. I was 18 years old and I was scared stiff!

Although it was a steep learning curve, I loved my time working there. I discovered so much about myself and about the judgments, perceptions and assumptions people make. I learned about the human psyche; the stories we tell ourselves about why we are the way we are, and why we behave in a certain way.

After taking time out to have a family, my fascination with human behaviour was further fueled when I re-trained as a social worker.

Throughout my training I worked with people from every walk of life; executives, accountants, doctors, lawyers, business owners and teachers who all had one thing in common…they were stressed out to the eyeballs, finding it hard to switch off and putting on a brave face, fearful of what others might think if they found out that they had sought help.

The experience I gained from my years of working in mental health as a nurse, social worker and adult educator taught me a lot about how people ‘tick'. This led me to establish Positive Pathways in 1999.

Since then I’ve worked with business owners and leaders from around the world who have one thing in common; they recognise the need to do the ‘inner work’ before they can become more successful.

Applying their learning from our work together my clients and their teams become more resilient, self-motivated individuals capable of surpassing their own personal goals and achieving the goals of the business.

I love what I do. There's NO fluff or B/S. Just real-world experience, good business sense, scientific research and a toolbox full of strategies. Mix in my pragmatic approach and you have a potent Catalyst for Change who is ready to help you ignite your potential and elevate your performance.

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My qualifications include:

  • mBIT Coach (Multiple Brain Integration)
  • Certified Master Coach - Behavioural Coaching
  • Diploma in Performance Coaching (Business)
  • Master NLP Practitioner - (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Certified SDI Facilitator - Strength Deployment Inventory
  • Adult and Further Education Teaching Certificate
  • Certificates in Assertiveness and Stress Management
  • Diploma in Social Work (UK)

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Gail Page, founder of Positive Pathways

I was a guest speaker at the NZ Business Market - discussing the importance of Attitude, Balance and Communication. I'd love to know know how you manage your ABCs.


Our team has completed stress management and team building sessions which Gail, designed around our needs. As a result, our communication is now far more efficient and easy with each other, and our resilience as a team has greatly improved.
I also had a mentoring session with Gail which proved to be really useful in helping me deal with tricky or uncomfortable situations with team members. It was especially useful having someone outside of the situation to talk out an issue with and come to the best path forward. ...
Kate Peterson, Team Leader, Hvl N & Flaxmere Library


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