"Gail, the training you carried out ... continues to show dividends.

We have a more positive and confident workforce; especially in working with our whanau and community. Your open and inclusive style encouraged our staff to engage in learning ‘How to Handle Difficult Conversations’ within a safe and reassuring environment."

George Reedy, Chief Executive Officer, Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga

Meet Gail..


Gail Page, owner of Positive Pathways has always had a fascination with what makes people tick, which is why she enjoys her coaching and development role so enormously.

"After years of working in mental health as a nurse, social worker and adult educator I have seen just how important our behaviour and communication is in building, maintaining and sustaining our relationships".

Gail says that by drawing on her skills and experience, and sharing these with others, she's seen leaders and teams go from "zero to hero" in terms of morale, focus, energy and business wins.

"I find that on most occasions everyone wants to pull in the same direction and achieve the same outcomes, but attitudes and feelings have often become entrenched and no-one has the skills and experience to pull everyone together again. What's needed is someone who is impartial, and someone with the expertise to re-oil the engine and refuel the energy tanks. And that's where I come in."

Gail's success has been built on seventeen years' of experience in the corporate, government and private sectors in the UK and New Zealand. She takes pride in improving communication, resolving conflict, boosting resilience and performance to create healthier workplace relationships and successful businesses.


And it's not just the workplace or organisation that stands to benefit either – individuals also find that the insights are just as beneficial in their personal lives.

"A great by-product of what I do is to generate greater self-awareness and deeper personal insights with my clients, which generates lasting behavioural change, leading to greater success in life and business."


Working with Gail you know you're in safe hands because she has a list of qualifications including being a Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Behavioural Master Coach and she also has a Diploma in Performance Coaching (for Business) as well as being a professional trainer.

You can read her testimonials here.


Gail Page, founder of Positive Pathways

I was a guest speaker at the NZ Business Market - discussing the importance of Attitude, Balance and Communication. I'd love to know know how you manage your ABCs.


Our team has completed stress management and team building sessions which Gail, designed around our needs. As a result, our communication is now far more efficient and easy with each other, and our resilience as a team has greatly improved.
I also had a mentoring session with Gail which proved to be really useful in helping me deal with tricky or uncomfortable situations with team members. It was especially useful having someone outside of the situation to talk out an issue with and come to the best path forward. ...
Kate Peterson, Team Leader, Hvl N & Flaxmere Library


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