Positive Pathways provide training & coaching that builds resilient, connected, engaged leaders and teams who achieve results faster.

If you are looking for bespoke initiatives that enable you to surpass your personal goals and achieve the goals of the business - you have come to the right place.

"I have used Positive Pathways for individual staff coaching & group work and had excellent results in both areas.  The process has been challenging at times but the result has been a much happier, more productive team".

- Jennifer Mather, Service Manager, Enliven


  • Leading a team that is naturally happier and more productive.
  • Developing an environment where openness, resilience and collaboration is the norm.
  • Being the inspiring, connected and approachable leader that brings the best out in your team
  •  Communicating authentically so that barriers become a thing of the past, tough conversations are no longer feared and robust discussions lead to positive outcomes.


"Gail, the training you carried out continues to show dividends .. we have a more positive and confident workforce.” 

George Reedy, Chief Executive Officer, Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Founder of Positive Pathways - GAIL PAGE - Communication Coach, Trainer, Facilitator & Catalyst for Change

 Gail_Page_web_edited-2.jpgFor more than 19 years I’ve been assisting corporate leaders, business owners, teams and individuals to become more confident and courageous communicators. 

My mission is to help you build your resilience and mental toughness, then understand what makes you tick so that you can play to your strengths.  This ensures that together we can reduce conflict, bullying and stress in the workplace.

I have built a reputation for bringing a NO FLUFF yet compassionate attitude to the table, which enables me to cut through the ‘noise’ and get to the core of your people issues.

This then translates into a happier, healthier more productive workplace where people love coming to work and achieving their personal, team and business goals.

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