Positive Pathways is an innovative training, coaching and personal growth consultancy. 

We specialise in bespoke leadership development, conflict resolution and team performance initiatives. 

We work with business owners and organisational leaders who value the well-being of their people. Who want to develop themselves & their teams into resilient, self-motivated individuals capable of surpassing their personal and business goals. 

We equip you with tools that enable you and your team to identify and harness your strengths and abilities, understand your obstacles to success and communicate in a way that is authentic and empowering.

When your people are empowered, their potential is ignited and their performance is elevated. Everyone becomes more engaged, motivated and able to build and grow successful teams and businesses by becoming 'catalysts for change'.

So how can you and your team become 'catalysts for change'?

Gail Page, owner of Positive Pathways, has been an international catalyst for change for the last 18 years helping hundreds of organisations grow and flourish. She can help you and your team create sustainable change and deliver better results through improved relationship building, communication and engagement. Read more about Gail here 

"I have used ... Positive Pathways for individual staff coaching and group work and had excellent results in both areas..... assisting staff to achieve their potential, whilst maintaining their professional boundaries, as the service goes through a rapid growth and development phase.

The process has been challenging at times but the result has been a much happier, more productive team.

- Jennifer Mather, Service Manager, Enliven

Working with Gail you will learn how to...

  • create a culture where your people will be happier and more productive  
  • develop an environment of openness, resilience, and collaboration
  • break down barriers that inhibit effective communication in your business
  • prevent disengagement and disconnection before they happen
  • develop the skills you need to become a more connected, more approachable leader
  • inspire and engage with your people to encourage them to go the extra mile
  • turn conflict into a positive and reduce stress

Ready to become a 'catalyst for change'?

Gail will work with you and your teams to ignite potential and elevate performance by delivering bespoke...

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