Improving your self-leadership elevates your performance & gains you a competitive edge.  Is this an edge you can afford to be without?

Is coaching for me?

If you are a new leader, a reluctant leader, an experienced leader, a business owner or an individual who wants to be more effective and successful - then the answer is a resounding YES.  Having professional coaching gets you on the fast track to success.

You gain greater insight and self-awareness and a tool-kit of strategies and resources that enable you to confidently address personal issues and business challenges, empowering you to carry the leadership mantle with ease.

"Gail has been instrumental in my success. She has the skill and wisdom to transform the thoughts and behaviours that set limits to one's potential. Through Gail I have stepped into a world with unlimited potential for my career and also for my personal growth and self awareness."

- Nicola Hartfield, Dispute Resolution Consultant

When will I see results?

Almost immediately. Coaching is a partnership. As your coach I help you gain greater clarity, focus and direction by enabling you identify what blocks your success. I am also your confidential, accountability partner who challenges your thinking, asks you the questions that others won't and gives you the constructive feedback that you most want, and need to hear. That's why the more engaged you are in the process - the faster you will experience tangible and enduring change.You want to

Why work with Gail?

I have over 18 years experience of helping people create more meaningful relationships and live more balanced and fulfilled lives.

As a certified Master Coach in Behavioural Coaching I am well equipped to help you get to the core of the obstacles, beliefs and behaviours that hold you back so that you can enjoy more success in how you operate personally and as a leader.

I don't do FLUFF and I don't do B/S.  I do take a pragmatic approach. And I do provide a confidential, supportive environment that enables you to gain clarity, focus and direction.

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Coaching is tailored to your specific needs and can be delivered 1-2-1 or to leaders as a group, or as a combination of both. Available in person, via Skype, email or telephone.

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