Do you have a conflict you need to resolve?

Do you have a difficult conversation which needs to be had, but you don't know where to start? If so, you've come to the right place. Have a look at the picture below and ponder for a moment, who is right and who is wrong?


The correct answer is that both people are right - and equally, they are both wrong.


It's easy for us to see that as the observer, because we can see both points of view.


But if you are standing on one side of the wall or the other, then things aren't always  that simple. Particularly if you've become entrenched in your point of view: emotions run high. people get stressed and it can be hard to come out from behind your own side of the wall.

When you start to consider this in more depth, you can begin to see just how difficult these types of conversations can be to have or to oversee on your own – but using us as your trained advisor, we can get all parties to the top of the wall to see each other's point of view. From there, the desired outcomes can be addressed and sought.

How Does It Work?

Our role at Positive Pathways is to get all parties to enter into conversations that need to be had – whether these be one-to-one  or team conversations. We have a number of tools and processes at our disposal, and we use these to facilitate meaningful and constructive conversations when:  

  • communication has broken down
  • a difficult conversation needs to be had
  • individual & team differences need to be aired
  • staff disputes and conflicts need to be resolved


If you are experiencing any of the above pick the phone up today. Once the process is underway, you will feel so much better knowing that the "communication knot" is being unravelled and all parties are moving toward clarity of thinking, clarity of outcomes and clarity of accountabilities.                                                                               


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