There's more to facilitation than running meetings or creating vision, values and mission statements.

Why do I need a professional facilitator? 

There will be times that you need to  become more actively involved in meetings, especially when staff disputes or breakdowns in communication occur. A ‘neutral’ moderator creates a 'safe' space, drives the process and holds people accountable for their behaviours, outcomes and deliverables.

When will we see results?

Almost immediately. Gail has a proven track record of excellence in facilitation and her clients are her biggest advocates.

 “Gail’s ability in getting to what I call a transformational outcome is what makes her stand out from other facilitators I have worked with… she is able to generate greater understanding and successful resolution, ensuring that tangible and enduring changes take place. This translates into a valuable investment from both an organisational and personal point of view” 

- Campbell Leckie, Land Services Manager, HBRC.

Why Gail Page?

As a certified Master Coach in Behavioural Coaching, Gail is highly experienced in managing the complex dynamics of groups. She has an uncanny knack of encouraging positive participation whilst simultaneously managing disruptive or passive behaviours.

Equally at home in the board room and on the shopfloor Gail has facilitated a wide variety of communication opportunities during her career. These include:

  • Staff disputes
  • Team building
  • Workshops
  • Away-days
  • One-2-Ones
  • Board meetings
  • Disciplinary meetings

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       If you are looking for a quick fix, Gail is not the right fit for you. She is committed to on-going partnerships with her clients and will work with you and your team to ensure positive change and improved communication becomes part of your organisation’s culture and DNA. 

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