Many businesses go through times when their teams become disconnected or disengaged.

Do you want to build a team that is engaged, connected and performing at its best? 

If so, Gail can help.

What are the benefits of team development & training?

When teams are working together in harmony with a common goal in mind, and they know what makes them ‘tick’ then play to their individual and team strengths, that’s when the results are not only powerful, they can be life-changing.

Gail knows that conflict and disagreement can be a positive and creative force, generating outcomes that are beneficial to all and she is the catalyst that helps people to feel inspired so they are motivated and empowered to change.

Why Gail Page & Positive Pathways?

Gail connects with clients on a deep and trust based level. She doesn't fix, cure or plaster over problems – she helps to challenge the status quo, connects with people and enables them to change from the inside out.

When working with teams, it’s key to ensure the people in the team are still valued as individuals. Everyone has unique opinions, thoughts and ideas and taking them into consideration is central to having positive and progressive dialogue.

Gail enables people to communicate openly and transparently by creating a safe and supportive space in which to speak. It's through this process that she helps people to create transformational relationships, moving beyond negative conflict into growth and success.

"We have used Gail for a variety of issues and she has achieved positive results for us... including one-to-one mentoring, team dynamics and working with dysfunctional relationships.

She has been particularly effective in getting individuals to recognise changes they need to make to assist with building positive relationships."

- Viv Moule, HR Manager, Hawkes Bay Regional Council

What types of training do you deliver?

Gail delivers fun, interactive and dynamic training that creates long-term sustainable change. Each programme is tailored to the specific challenges of your business and team.

Example topics are: 

  • Setting team vision, purpose & values
  • Building team resilience and managing stress
  • Managing change
  • Developing self-leadership and accountability
  • Improving team dynamics and elevating performance
  • Enabling better communication
  • Building trust and resolving conflict in a positive way
  • Influencing and negotiating more effectively to produce better business outcomes
  • Changing your business' culture & values
  • Discovering and building individual and team strengths

How is training delivered?

Gail has been working alongside teams for over 18 years, delivering bespoke training at a team level, or working one-on-one with individuals from within the team to improve self-awareness, engagement, and relationships.

Gail’s workshops are not a quick-fix. She is committed to long-term partnerships and follow up to ensure positive change becomes part of your culture and DNA. Once Gail knows you and your business, she will recommend a programme to fit your specific needs which could include:

  • Workshops
  • Away Days
  • Team Building Activities
  • In-house training

When will I see results?

Immediately. Gail Page has a proven track record of excellence in training. Her testimonials and feedback speak for themselves and her initiatives are fun, engaging and results-focused, offering clear value for money.

Book your complimentary discovery session now to discuss your training needs and to see how Gail can empower you and your team. 

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