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Personal Development Coaching

"As a manager I have worked with a number of personal development coaches, both directly or engaged for the staff I manage. Of these coaches, Gail stands out.

She has all the usual attributes you would expect of a coach i.e. excellent facilitation, conflict management and interpersonal skills.

But she has a rare ability to very rapidly understand different personalities and she adapt the message to create a strong rapport with each person she coaches. (in my experience within the first 15-20 minutes.) It is this rapport which supports people to work through often challenging issues.   

The second is getting to what I call a transformational outcome. My observation is that when you engage Gail as your coach she is able to generate greater understanding and successful resolution, ensuring that tangible and enduring changes take place.

This translates into a valuable investment from both an organisational and personal point of view."

Campbell Leckie, Land Services Manager, Hawke's Bay Regional Council

Personal Development Coaching

"I had the pleasure of working with Gail as a Business Coach to improve my ability and confidence as a manager of people.

Gail has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has helped me better understand and better manage my team. This has been to the benefit of the individuals within the team as well as the team as a whole'.

I look forward to availing Gail of her services in the future."

Phil Crombie, Branch Manager, ASB 

Personal Development

"Following a bad experience from a similar program from another provider, I initially commenced with a pilot program in order to prove the performance of Gail Page from Positive Pathways.
The results exceeded my expectations with very positive benefits for the person being coached. The individual now has greatly reduced stress levels and has improved time efficiencies and work productivity.

Due to the success of the pilot, the program has now been extended to other managers and results are apparent even at an early stage.

I find working with Gail a positive experience and she is excellent at her job, with especially excellent skills in her one to one coaching style, which is a large part of the success of the program.

I am happy to recommend the program if you allow her to evaluate the individuals to ensure that they are ready to and accept the need for such a program."


Fred Staples, Pulp General Manager, Pan Pac

Personal Development

"Gail took me through the SDI programme which looks into what makes people tick and how people's behaviour changes during conflict.

I was amazed at how the exercise was able to accurately define my own beliefs and motivations. The process assisted me to be able to understand others better and to prevent conflicts from escalating.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get a handle on how to have better relationships, both at work and at home."

Kerry McIntyre, Insurance Broker, HB Insurances Limited

Personal Development

"Ever since I began working with Gail I've noticed a huge shift in how I see both myself and those around me. Gail has really showed me through how she is as a person, that the world adapts to us through what we see in it and what we expect from it.

I have learned to value who I am and what I have to offer. This renewed sense of confidence has allowed me to really "step into my power" helping me understand that hope is passive, but that taking action is what gets the results we want out of life.

Gail's approach is not just theoretical, though. She consistently challenges me to think more dynamically. What Gail has taught me is the gift of a lifetime. She is an amazing individual who has a generous spirit, a kind heart and someone who operates from a place of total love and respect.

With Gail's guidance, I have finally learned how to set myself up for success and happiness in all areas of my life."

Regina Tingle, Writing and Editing Professional

Strategic Planning

"We contracted Gail's services to assist our Trustees to undertake this Governance Strategic Planning for the next 5 years. Gail facilitated this day well and supported us in the achievement of our outcomes. We have a plan that will guide our direction.

We found Gail to be warm and proactive, able to manage well our team dynamics and help guide us in a structured way to the achievement of our goals.

We would endorse her as an excellent Facilitator for Board and Strategic Planning."

Liz Andrews, Chief Executive Officer, Anglican Care

Strategic Planning

"We recently contracted Gail to facilitate our Team Building Day at Black & White Accounting and her services were outstanding.

She created a supportive, positive environment which resulted in the whole team actively participating and feeling comfortable contributing to the day.

Her preparation was evident and the day flowed seamlessly with the desired outcomes being achieved in the allocated time.

I highly recommend Gail as a facilitator for any team building or similar days you may be planning for your business."

Kirsten Wise, Director, Black & White Accounting

Team Development

"As a service manager, I have used the services of Positive Pathways for both individual staff coaching and group work and had excellent results in both areas.

Gail has been particularly helpful in assisting staff to achieve their potential, whilst maintaining their professional boundaries, as the service goes through a rapid growth and development phase.

The process has been challenging at times but the result has been a much happier, more productive team who are increasingly clear on what their roles is."

Jennifer Mather, Service Manager, Enliven

Team Development

" Gail facilitated a Team building day for us. I was pretty amazed by the number of insights gained from what appeared to be deceptively simple 'games' and just how work-related they were. They were a revelation really.

The manual will be a very useful toolbox to have on hand for the future; and the proposed follow-up session will help to set the learning for all of us, I would expect.

I believe that the experience of sharing this day with my team will strengthen us as a working unit and that we will now have a shared language, related to the learning of the team building day."

Sheryl Reed, Manager, Napier Libraries

Team Development

"The SDI test we recently did showed in detail how everyone in the team ticks, what is important for them, and how everyone responds in stressful situations.

Gail made recommendations for each personality type what would be the most successful way to deal with these personalities. Knowing this information makes dealing with the so-called 'difficult personalities' so much easier. They are no longer difficult, they are just different.

I recommend that every team should do this test, it provides so much insight and can prevent so much negativity and resentment."

Nathalie van Dort, Events and Project Manager at GROW Ltd


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