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PEOPLE are at the core of Positive Pathways

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Healthy relationships rely on great communication.

It’s not rocket science, but quite frankly, sometimes we ‘suck’ at communicating. I’ve been there! In the past, I damaged some of my relationships because of the way I communicated. Something had to change...and that something was ME!


Learning to communicate well made a profound difference in my life and led me to train as an Assertiveness Tutor. When I heard my students talk about the stress they experienced from workplace pressures and unresolved conflicts, it was clear that poor communication was connected with every issue.


And so I began my journey to generate positive change in organisations by establishing Positive Pathways in 1999. Since then I’ve trained in many disciplines including performance coaching for business, behavioural coaching and N.L.P.(neuro-linguistic programming).


These skills, plus my extensive experience in addressing conflict and toxic behaviours have enabled me to improve communication in the workplace by providing leadership development coaching, team training and professional facilitation services in a variety of corporate, health and public sector organisations.

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" I'm passionate about improving resilience and well-being in the workplace, by building capability and behaviours to generate positive and sustainable change."

Yes, YOUR self-awareness and self-belief. When you feel resilient, empowered and stronger within yourself, you engage better with your colleagues and customers. This results in healthier, more respectful workplace relationships, greater collaboration and a better performing workforce overall.


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Our philosophy
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In order to create healthy workplace relationships and positive cultures, leaders need to model compassion, kindness and respect. 

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People will accept change when they understand the reason for it, and when they’re encouraged to be part of the process.

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When you let your people know how their work contributes to the success of your organisation, THAT’S when they’ll buy into your vision.

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When psychological safety becomes part of your company’s DNA, bullying and other damaging behaviours become the exception, and NOT the norm.

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When you create a healthy, vibrant and inclusive environment, where individuals feel inspired and aren’t afraid to make mistakes, innovation and collaboration flourish.

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Give your people what they need to ignite their potential and play to their strengths, then stand back and watch them excel.

 It starts with YOU!