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Gail Page

When people find their voice and step into their power - teams thrive.

If you lead a team, you might experience some of these issues:


1. Unclear expectations are creating stress and lowering morale

2. Micromanagement is causing stress and anxiety

3. Unresolved conflict is creating an unhealthy environment 

4. A lack of flexibility is impacting work-life balance

5. Top talent is leaving because they are not been given room to grow

You may experience all 5. 

You might experience just 1.

Why does it matter?

Well, any of the above points can cause major problems and lead to unproductive teams and, ultimately, a less profitable business.

At the heart of a high-performance team is effective communication. 

Business Presentation

My process - The Heart of High Performance - is about getting people to open up, communicate powerfully and create empowered teams by helping them do 3 things:

✔️ Act Compassionately

✔️ Think Positively

✔️ Speak Openly

And the results are transformational.

Hi, I'm Gail Page


I believe that we all deserve to be heard, understood, and valued. 


This drives me to invite every leader, team, and individual I work with to join me in co-creating healthy relationships and supportive workplace cultures where high performance thrives. 

When we choose to see things from different perspectives, engage in authentic conversations, listen with curiosity, and show up with an open mind, we create a ripple effect that expands beyond ourselves. 

My Why


For years I struggled with expressing my feelings clearly. I avoided confrontation, worried about being misunderstood, and didn't feel heard.

But then, I discovered assertiveness! And I have never felt so liberated. Not only did I find my voice, I learned how to ask for what I wanted and set boundaries. 

My self-worth soared and this transformed how I connected with people. As my awareness of how my words and actions impacted others grew, my relationships improved and I began to thrive. It was truly life-changing!

​This fueled my desire to help others experience the same transformation - especially people working in teams. 

When a team can communicate effectively with one another - it changes. People are happier, they collaborate more powerfully, and are far more productive. And that's good for business.  

Gail Page

When people feel safe to be themselves at work the business thrives.


If you think I can help you create a high-performance culture and you have questions, book your free 20-minute discovery call to see if The Heart High Performance approach is right for you or your team. 

Gail Page zip lining

The Other Side of Me

I love salsa dancing, enjoying good food with friends over a glass of red wine or bubbles and ziplining through the redwoods, although not all at the same time!  And walking on the beach with my dog helps me de-stress and stay grounded. Life's all about balance, right?

So, let's embark on this journey together, and create meaningful change... one conversation at a time.

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