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About Positive Pathways

"We help build healthier, happier workplace cultures where trust, respect & inclusion become part of your company's DNA.  Our workshops, coaching and facilitation provide the strategies your people need to feel safe at work, which enables them  to build greater connectedness and collaboration, and generate more meaningful conversations at a truly authentic level."

Gail Page
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No-one should feel fearful at work; we all need to feel safe, supported and able to become the best version of ourselves. That's when we become fully engaged human beings and better equipped to achieve our personal, team and business goals.


There are however times when we all need some expert support to help us understand what makes us tick, build our resilience & mental toughness and become more confident, courageous communicators.


This is why for over 19 years, corporate leaders, business owners, teams and individuals have engaged Positive Pathways to help improve their self-leadership skills and reduce conflict, bullying and stress in their workplaces.


The strategies and tools we bring to the table result in:


  • Happier and more productive teams

  • A culture where openness, resilience and collaboration is the norm

  • An environment where bullying and harassment is actively discouraged

  • Inspiring, connected and approachable leaders who bring out the best in their teams

  • Confident individuals who are able to have tough conversations that lead to positive outcomes


And once these strategies are implemented, you are able to create happier, healthier, more productive workplaces where people love coming to work and take pride in achieving their personal, team & business goals.









Why I Do What I Do


Being fascinated by the human psyche and what makes people ‘tick’ is what led me to train originally as a psychiatric nurse. I was intrigued, and still am, by the the stories we tell ourselves about why we are the way we are and why we behave in a certain ways


I later re-trained as a social worker and met people from all walks of life. Many of them felt the stress of trying to balance the conflicting demands of work and their personal lives; unable to switch off yet constantly struggling to put on a brave face, fearful of what others might think if they found out that they had sought help.


The experience I gained from working in mental health as a nurse and social worker was invaluable and I also learned so much about myself. I realised however that I wanted to make a difference in my own way and so I became an assertiveness tutor in adult education. Teaching people how to do the ‘inner work’; to find their voice; speak their truth, stand in their power and live happier, more balanced lives became, and still is, my passion.


Organisations began calling on me to teach their managers how to have more authentic conversations and this is what led me to establish Positive Pathways in 1999.  Since then I have helped business owners and leaders from around the world to communicate more effectively and to reduce conflict, bullying and stress in the workplace.


I love what I do. I get to make a difference. There's NO fluff or B.S. Just real-world experience, good business sense, scientific research and a toolbox full of strategies. Mix in my pragmatic yet compassionate approach and you have a potent Catalyst for Change who is able to help you ignite your potential, elevate your performance and build healthier, happier workplace cultures.


My Qualifications


When you engage the services of a trainer, coach or facilitator you need to know that they can walk their talk. When we work together you can feel safe that you are in good hands because my qualifications include: 


  • mBIT Coach (Multiple Brain Integration)

  • Certified Master Coach - Behavioural Coaching

  • Diploma in Performance Coaching (Business)

  • Master NLP Practitioner - (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

  • Certified SDI Facilitator - Strength Deployment Inventory

  • Adult and Further Education Teaching Certificate

  • Certificates in Assertiveness and Stress Management

  • Diploma in Social Work (UK)


If you want to create a safer, more productive workplace culture, contact me now to discuss your individual needs.

We have a more positive and confident workforce; especially in working with our whanau and community. Your open and inclusive style encouraged our staff to engage in learning ‘How to Handle Difficult Conversations’ within a safe and reassuring environment."

- George Reedy, Chief Executive Officer, Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga