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Shake up your workplace culture in all the right ways.

Let's kick things off with a question...

Is one or more of the following happening in your workplace?


You are so busy fighting fires, you don’t have time for anything else.


No-one understands the pressure you’re under and you are close to being burned out.


People are walking on eggshells trying to avoid conflict or confrontation.


Your team is underperforming, morale is low, your best people are leaving, and you’re not sure how to fix it. 

Head nodding? The fact that you’re on my website is a bit of a giveaway.

Maybe you’ve got other examples to add to my list? Believe me, these are a drop in the ocean when it comes to some of the stuff I’ve seen in the past 20 years.

So, thank goodness you are here! 

You're in safe hands. I will help you create:

A workplace culture where your people

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Feel valued, and know they matter and belong.

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Become more confident and resilient.

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Achieve better results and see more success.

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Manage different personalities. Handle conflict and stress.

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Improve their

Gail Page

So, who am I?

I am a communication and mindset coach. Shaker-upper of workplace cultures - in the most positive of ways.


Here to help you smash through negative workplace behaviours and toxic cultures with the power of kickass conversations and clear communication. 


Together we will hone in on what’s going on and figure out how to give your people the communication skills and support they need to feel safe, fulfilled and excited to come into work, Every. Single. Day.  

My story

In the past I did some major damage to some of my relationships because of the way I communicated.

Something had to change...and that something was ME!

Learning to communicate well made a profound difference in my life and led me to train as an assertiveness tutor. 

When I heard my assertiveness students talk about the stress they experienced from workplace pressures and unresolved conflicts, it was clear that poor communication was connected with every issue they spoke about.


I started to help businesses of all shapes and sizes to create positive cultures by improving their communication and building healthy workplace relationships. And so, in 1999 Positive Pathways was born, and I haven’t stopped learning since.

My curiosity and drive to help others achieve bigger, better versions of themselves means I’ve never stopped learning. 

I added neuro linguistic programming to my toolkit, before focusing on performance coaching for businesses, and becoming a certified behavioural master coach.

When you add in over two decades of experience in mindset coaching, professional facilitation, and team development workshops, it’s fair to say I have a pretty unique set of skills, knowledge, and experience to bring to the table. 

Just what you need if you want the tools to put you in the driving seat of your life and career.

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Making positive change stick

The best way I know of to create a positive culture and truly sustainable change in the workplace is to make sure that resilience, wellbeing, psychological safety, and building healthy relationships is a top priority. 


This is at the core of everything I do.  


Gail works with professionalism and empathy. She worked through an issue with my organisation leading to a very positive outcome. I would highly recommended Gail.

Tony Culliney - CEO Storytime Foundation