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Does your team need bespoke training to help them engage, connect and perform at their best?

"I liked how the day was structured with a good mix of sitting and listening to ideas, then breaking into groups and then ‘fun’ activities up out of our seats. For me, I don’t learn well just being talked at, so it allowed for me to take things in. I normally really hate those team building type days and I don’t normally interact or say very much but I found that I was contributing a lot and contributing to the chat way more than I thought I would. I guess that is down to the environment that you created for the day, so thank you!"  

– Dani Maunder, Legal Secretary, The Law Shop 

What are the benefits of team development & training?

Teams that know what makes them ‘tick’ then play to their individual and team strengths are happier and more productive. Knowing how they contribute towards a common purpose generates results that are not only powerful, they can be life-changing.

Gail has been delivering fun, interactive and dynamic training for over 19 years, both at a team level and 1-2-1.. Her workshops develop self-awareness and resilience which enables long-term sustainable change.  

Each company's needs are unique. Gail's initiatives are bespoke and below are so just some examples of team development and training topics Gail has covered:

  • Resolving conflict

  • Vision, purpose & values

  • Bullying & sexual harassment

  • Setting expectations & boundaries

  • Building personal resilience and mental toughness 

  • Developing self-leadership and elevating performance

  • Assertive communication and handling tough conversations ...and more

She has a proven track record of excellence in training and her testimonials and feedback speak for themselves. What makes Gail stand out from the crowd is her ability to make training fun, engaging, and results-focused whilst ensuring businesses receive clear value for money. ​

Gail connects with her clients on a deep and trusting level. She doesn't fix, cure or plaster over problems – she helps to challenge the status quo, connects with people and enables them to change from the inside out.​

Each training initiative Gail delivers is based on your organisation's specific unique requirements. Typical durations range from a half day to 3 days, depending on individual needs.

If you think your team could benefit from Gail's insight and experience, give her a call for a confidential chat to discuss your team and how she can help you take them to the next level.