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Personal Growth Blueprint: Helping You Rise and Thrive as a Leader.

Navigating your leadership role during uncertain times can be tough. The pressure of balancing your team's welfare, your own well-being, and business demands are challenges that require both skill and resilience. 

During these times, leaders just like you have found it invaluable to have me as their trusted confidante. Knowing they have a safe space to discuss personal and professional challenges without reservation, has helped them find some respite from the constant demands placed on them.

What Can You Expect From Me?

  • Constructive feedback and accountability, that supports and challenges you to explore perspectives and approaches that you may not otherwise have considered. 


  • Encouragement to step out of your comfort zone and create a new stretch zone that expands your thinking and develops greater self-awareness, enabling you to discover what is possible.

This may feel uncomfortable at times, but it's this self-awareness that will help you adapt your mindset, and make more informed decisions that benefit both you and your team.

Your needs are unique, so my approach is tailored accordingly. Together, we will craft a clear and actionable plan to achieve your personal and business goals. And you will get there much faster and more efficiently than if you were to navigate this journey alone.   

See below for some of the strategies you will gain.

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Personal Development Coaching develops a toolkit of strategies enabling you to:

Build resilience and improve well-being by:

Establishing clear expectations, healthy boundaries, and creating a healthy work-life balance.

Make changes that help you grow by:

Creating a growth mindset.

Identifying strengths and development needs. Getting rid of negative beliefs, habits, and behaviours.

Become a better communicator by:

Communicating assertively and managing difficult conversations. 

Addressing conflict, and confidently managing poor performance.

Discover how to build a strong team culture by:

Articulating a clear vision. Gaining buy-in from your team. Planning how to consistently deliver on your personal, team, and business goals.

This is NOT a cookie-cutter approach. My personal development coaching is just that... personal to you.

It takes time, commitment, and effort to reshape your mindset and develop new habits. By committing to my 6 session program you will be able to create sustainable change in every area of your life. I can't wait to help you take your leadership skills to the next level. 


Coaching can be in person or via Zoom, or a mix of both. 

To find out more, contact me to set up a discovery call

Robin Olivier - Robust Action Coach

Gail helped me to rediscover myself in a way that brought more focus, positive outlook and determination than I’ve ever known in my life. I am eternally grateful and could not recommend Gail highly enough for the impact she has made in my life.

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