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Leading with Impact: Empowering Strategies For Emerging Leaders.

Leadership is more than just excelling in your role; you also need to nurture the growth of each member of your team.

Stepping into your first leadership role can be exciting, but it can also generate mixed emotions - especially if you have to balance former peer relationships in your new position. And it can be hard making that transition.

Learning to cope with your new duties and your team's progress, while meeting senior management's expectations, becomes a delicate balancing act, and it is not an instant achievement. 

It requires time. But when you communicate well, adopt an open mindset, build healthy relationships, and have constructive conversations,  you'll be surprised at just how quickly things start to fall into place. 


This transformative workshop is designed to help you understand the core principles of effective leadership, and develop your ability to lead with confidence, compassion, and influence. 

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This interactive workshop for Emerging Leaders equips you to: 
  • Develop self-awareness, self-confidence, and an open mindset.


  • Communicate effectively and create a sense of direction and alignment within your team.


  • Foster a supportive and healthy work environment where everyone feels valued, supported, and motivated to achieve success together.

  • Manage stress and maintain emotional well-being, in yourself and others.


  • Delegate effectively, knowing when and how to assign tasks to team members to optimize productivity... and much more.

Participants will develop an action plan to apply their new skills on return to the workplace

​This 10-module course can be delivered in-house or via Zoom.

Individuals may also sign up for a public course waitlist, maximum of 8 participants.

To find out more, contact me for more information
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