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Business Meeting at Small Table

External Facilitation: Your Bridge to Enhanced Team Dynamics.

As a leader, you steer meetings on a regular basis. But there will be times when you just want to sit back and listen, or participate more fully in discussions, without also having to facilitate. 

Consider how my services can ease your load, helping save you time, energy, and stress:

Training and Development:
When it comes to tailored training sessions or personal development, I offer a variety of transformative workshops that can enhance your team's capabilities significantly.


Using The Heart of High Performance approach I deliver workshops on leadership coaching and assertiveness to setting boundaries and managing difficult conversations. I will equip your team with the necessary skills to build healthy relationships and create a positive culture.

Off-Site Meetings and Retreats: When you engage my services, you can be fully present, able to immerse yourself fully in discussions and decision-making without worrying about logistics and facilitation. Besides handling the facilitation, I will ensure that these off-site events are not only productive but also engaging and aligned with your intended outcomes.

As an external facilitator, I bring an objective viewpoint, valuable facilitation techniques, a fresh perspective, and specialised knowledge of team dynamics to the table, saving you time, energy and stress. 

To find out more, contact me to set up a discovery call. 

Dani Maunder, Legal Secretary - The Law Shop

I liked how the day was structured with a good mix of sitting and listening to ideas, then breaking into groups and then ‘fun’ activities up out of our seats. I normally really hate those team-building type days and I don’t normally interact or say very much but I found that I was contributing a lot and contributing to the chat way more than I thought I would. I guess that is down to the environment that you created for the day, so thank you!

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