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International Coaching Week

It's International Coaching Week (ICW), a week-long celebration about the value of working with a professional coach.

I've been a professional coach for over 20 years, and I've seen the power that coaching has to truly transform individuals and organizations.

Thomas Leonard, the founder of the ICF, explains it well, “Coaches design environments that empower success. It's not enough to foster insights in the client...Our real job is to co-design the client's environment to evolve them into the person they need to be to reach their goal."

My purpose and my passion is coaching leaders and teams to become high performers by building positive​​ workplace cultures where people thrive and productivity soars.

And the best way to discover the power of coaching is to experience it first hand. So, to celebrate International Coaching Week, I am offering ONE person a complimentary one-hour coaching session via telephone or Skype.

There’s only one catch! You CAN'T put yourself forward. You have to nominate someone else who you feel will truly benefit AND tell me WHY you think they deserve it.

ASK THEIR PERMISSION FIRST, then nominate them in the comments section below, via my Facebook page or my Linkedin page and I’ll select a winner on the evening of the 5th of May.... get your nominations in soon 😊


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