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As a champion and lead advisor for organisational growth, change management and personal development, Positive Pathways has spent the last 17 years helping clients improve their communication and performance in leadership roles and team environments. 

On all occasions, we have observed six common personal communication barriers which inhibit outcomes being achieved.


  • Poor leadership and ineffective teamwork
  • Unclear expectations & fuzzy boundaries
  • Lack of trust, collaboration and co-operation
  • No clear direction & lack of clarity and focus
  • Lack of personal resilience to deal with change
  • Fear of confrontation & inability to address conflict 

 This is what led us to create a range of tools, processes, workshops and mentoring/coaching skills designed to provide a safe environment in which open communication can prevail. The outcomes are that our clients learn how to:


  • Understand how individuals and the team 'tick
  • Communicate clearly so that others will listen
  • Address their differences upfront & plan a way forward
  • Build trust and utilise their individual and team strengths
  • Develop self-leadership and resilience to manage stress and deal with change


The whole team then feels re-energised and re-engaged, both personally and professionally. Clients have also used their new-found skills, strategies and resources to develop healthier workplace relationships and successful businesses. 


Positive Pathways focuses on three key aspects of change management and personal growth:


If you need to need to improve communication, have team conflicts that need to resolved, behaviours that need to be changed or an organisational culture that could benefit from an injection of energy and enthusiasm to reach even greater heights, please contact us today for a free no-obligation chat.


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