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Assertiveness 101: Powerful Strategies for Effective Communication.

Developing assertiveness is key to building a healthy culture. 


Navigating workplace relationships with diverse personalities is complex. Dominant voices, fence-sitters, and sarcastic comments can often create challenges for us. 

Mastering the art of assertiveness plays a pivotal role in helping you navigate these dynamics, by reducing misunderstandings and nipping potential problems in the bud. 

This is not only valuable, but it also acts as a catalyst to enhance communication clarity, promote effective collaboration, and forge genuine connections among team members.


This transformative workshop helps you feel more empowered, able to think well on your feet, and respond appropriately in any type of interaction. 

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This fun, interactive Assertiveness workshop equips you to:
  • Recognise your emotional triggers, negative self-talk and roadblocks to being assertive. 


  • Identify characteristics of different behaviour and communication styles and how to respond to them.

  • Recognize how your attitude and behaviour impact the behaviour of others.

  • Say 'NO' without feeling guilty and ask for what you want with confidence and ease.

  • See things from different perspectives and respond with empathy and compassion... and so much more. 


Participants will develop an action plan to apply their new skills on return to the workplace. 

This workshop will be tailored to address your current situation.  


Delivery can be two half-day in-person workshop or via Zoom.

To find out more, contact me to set up a discovery call
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